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Bring your kids OUTDOOR!

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

As an optometrist for many years in research, I thought I knew everything about myopia to prevent my kids from getting myopic. Imagine the shock I had when my younger child came home with the eye screening letter from school informing me that she has FAILED her eye test! She had perfect eye sight 2 months ago when I last checked.

Regrettably, I was more nonchalant about my younger kid compared to my eldest one. Letting her have her own iPad for reading at a younger age and spending less time doing sports outdoor as well. Many studies have shown the benefit of spending more time outdoor.

1) Delay myopia onset.

2) Learn more social skills playing with friends

3) Develops frontal lobe that helps in memory and learning

So let's go out to play! Even our government says so....

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